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AIS'21 | 4 June - Day 5 - AGMM 2021


The curtain finally came down on AIS'21 Online. The second meeting held exclusively online went according to plan, and the Open Mic session with members, Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM) and elections marked the final act of the event. During the AFRINIC AGMM on 4 June 2021, Elections were held for one Board seat and one Governance Committee seat.

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The following are the results of the elections:

Board and Governance Committee Elections

  • Board - Seat 5 (Southern Africa), Mark Elkins, elected to serve a three-year term.
  • Governance Committee: Simon Msafiri Balthazar  to serve a three-year term

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Eddy Kayihura, AFRINIC's CEO, provided the AFRINIC Activities update and the AFRINIC Chair presented the Board activity report.  This was followed by presentations on AFRINIC's finances and budget. The highlights for the day included:

  • Total membership statistics peaked at 1836 members in 2020
  • Total membership fee income dropped by 3.6% from $ 5,677,352 in 2019 to $ 5,532,620 in 2020.
  • A net surplus of $ 2,139K was recorded for the financial year ending 31 December 2020
  • The results have made it possible to further increase the total reserves to 8,041K
  • Total Reserves reflected a growth of 37.3%


Open Mic Session

An open mic session with members was organised at the start of the Day. The following points were discussed.

There were questions and comments raised on:

  • Status of the appeal committee and if there are plans to reconstitute it
  • Allegations w.r.t the process for Board elections and PDP nominations.
  • Stakeholder balance, people who run networks and members should get more involved in the PDP
  • Bylaws modifications with regard to the elections following the allegations to  manipulate the Board election process 
  • Clarifications on whether or not to seek approval from AFRINIC under some specific conditions for the justified usage of resources 
  • Clarifications requested on the out of region usage of resources 
  • Clarifications with regard to the return of unused resources and the transfer policy 
  • AFRINIC Staff in the context of the misappropriation of IP numbers
  • Anonymous members on the Meetecho platform  
  • Background checks regarding the selection of board candidates and issues of the final step of ratification in the PDP process
  • Clarification on an email, if any, that was presented to the Board by a former co-chair for ratification
  • Board acting in good faith with membership
  • Upcoming Webinars on the PDP
  • Status of the Transfer Policy in the AFRINIC region 

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Slides and videos

All slides and videos are available in the agenda under their individual sessions. 



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Thank you once again to all the delegates, members, community and sponsors for making AIS'21 Online a success. We look forward to the next Annual Internet Summit next year.





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